Infrastructure as data with Ansible for easier Continuous Delivery

  • Many organizations are striving to introduce Continuous Delivery in their Software Lifecycle, in order to benefit from its advantages in term of efficiency, quality and reduction of time-to-market.

    However, applying Continuous Delivery principles and practices such as full automation and versioning to Infrastructure Management is often challenging: while many extremely powerful tools for automated system configuration management are available, until recently their learning curve and setup effort have discouraged their widespread adoption.

    What if setting up and configuring your cloud / private infrastructure were even simpler than writing a shell script? Enter Ansible, an Open Source project based on the concept of Infrastructure as Data, which is as simple as it is powerful, and easy to learn for Dev and Ops people alike.

    I will present Ansible architecture (modular, agentless, secure) throught many examples. You will be surprised to discover that by the end of this practical talk we will have installed and configured an entire cluster including PostgreSQL, Tomcat and Apache Httpd instances.

    I will also present two case studies which demonstrate how leveraging Ansible for automatically creating, configuring and aligning development and production server infrastructure is key to successful services, as it enables Continuous Delivery of new value to users while reducing workload to both Development and Operations.


    • Infrastructure Management;
    • automated System Configuration Management;
    • Open Source tools;
    • Continuous Delivery;
    • Ansible;
    • Learning curve.


    • developers;
    • system administrators;
    • CTO;
    • CIO;
    • web/mobile (CWO);
    • Release and Delivery Managers.
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