Last chance for a discounted access to OSS4B 2013!

  • August 31st is the last day for Early Bird registrations.  This is your last chance for attending both the OSS4B conference and Dragos Dumitriu’s Kanban course at a discounted rate.

    Once the official schedule of OSS4B is published, regular rates will apply.

    Take advantage of Early bird registrations!

    Early bird registration for the two days of the OSS4B conference is 349 Euro (inclusive of 21% VAT). From September 1st, the regular entry fee of 499 Euro for the two days applies (VAT inclusive).

    Important: Your OSS4B ticket will also grant you a 200 Euro discount on the Kanban course, taught by Dragos Dumitriu.

    Value for money: not only does the registration fee include all of the above, it also covers your meals (coffee breaks, lunch breaks and Thursday’s dinner) and, thanks to our sponsors, we are offering the Italian “aperitivo” that will follow the conference.

    About the conference

    For the first time the city of Prato, set in the Florence area – one of the most “IT friendly” areas in Italy, will host “Open Source Software for Business” (OSS4B), an international conference for the promotion, the adoption and usage of open source software both in business and in mission-critical environments. The conference will take place on September 19 and 20.

    OSS4B is a two-day event of talks and workshops with international speakers who will cover all the features of Open Source Technology: hardware solutions, methodologies and procedures of project management and organization, best practice principles, business models, research and development, training, marketing, social media engagement, licensing and many more.

    OSS4B’s target is CEOs, developers, system, database and network administrators and project managers from the fields of finance, technology, information, data, marketing, risk/security, law, network, web, mobile and others.

    Kanban workshop by Dragos!

    Following OSS4B, Dragos Dumitriu, the first IT manager to apply the Kanban method to software engineering during his time at Microsoft, will deliver a 2-day course on “Kanban for IT Ops”. This workshop will take place on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 September. The venue of the course is “Palazzo delle Professioni”, in the same building where the Monash University Prato Centre is located.

    For the first time in Italy, Dragos will guide attendees through the Kanban Method, focusing on the aspects that can help Operations teams improve balancing demand against their capability to deliver.

    Early bird registration fee for the two day course is 999 Euro (inclusive of 21% VAT). If you are an OSS4B attendee, the early bird registration fee for Dragos’ workshop is 799  Euro!

    Continuous improvement through Open Source

    Open Source software is one of the most dynamic resources for enterprises: the Open Source philosophy of code availability and redistribution is actually a great opportunity for the development of a more flexible, responsible and reactive model in business and organisations IT management.

    OSS4B 2013 is a great opportunity for those working in ICT to learn something new and improve their skills. This is a fundamental part of the “continuous improvement” culture which knowledge workers of today value – especially when dealing with open source software.

    A networking opportunity

    Furthermore, being able to build and cultivate connections and relationships, both professionally and personally, is another important aspect of succeeding in a work environment (not only ICT). Networking and building professional connections – this is what OSS4B is also about.

    “Open Source Software for Business” represents an unique professional development opportunity in Europe. Inspiring speakers will address key organizational issues and be available to answer your questions.

    From Wednesday 18 right through until the evening of Friday 20 September there will be various events where participants can meet, interact and share a common interest or experiences. Much attention has been given to social events, ensuring that OSS4B participants unite to form a connected and interactive community throughout the conference.

    Family and partners’ program

    While speakers and attendees are busy with OSS4B 2013, their families (including children) will have the chance to participate in a special program to ensure they also get to make the most of their stay in Tuscany.

    A range of activities are scheduled throughout the entire conference, right through until the Kanban course, including the weekend.

    Our partners

    OSS4B will host talks and speakers coming from all over the world. Their contributions have been made possible by our partners (alphabetical order): 10gen, 2ndQuadrant, agile42, Devise.IT, Ideato, Lab42, LibreOffice, Monash University, OpenShift, Opera, Opscode, Percona, ThoughtWorks, XCon.

    Thanks also to ICT Robotica, Pratosfera, Radio Spin and The Florentine.

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  • Kanban course for IT ops

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    Delivered directly by Dragos Dumitriu, the course will be held in Prato for , starting on at Palazzo delle Professioni.

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