Open Sessions

  • An Open Session is an opportunity for attendees to organise an informal session within the OSS4B conference.

    You have 15 to 30 minute slots available throughout the whole conference.

    All you have to do is write your proposal on the “Open sessions” whiteboard you’ll find at the reception and promote your talk using social medias. We will promote your event for you.

    Being open source community members, we value very highly the opportunity for developers or users to gather together and contribute to a project, or promote an open source tool, or share their experience.

  • OSS4B 2013

    Italy , Prato, Tuscany·

    Secure your place today for this brand new event about open source, DevOps, Kanban and much more!

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  • Kanban course for IT ops

    Don't miss the opportunity!

    Delivered directly by Dragos Dumitriu, the course will be held in Prato for , starting on at Palazzo delle Professioni.

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